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Going for a spin!Why we’re MORE than a daycare...

Great Beginnings Child Care Centre offers exciting and balanced programs, with the key emphasis being to encourage your child’s early development.  We’ll show you a sample of a child’s typical day here, along with a sample one week overview of program activities, but first let’s consider how key areas in our facility integrate with our philosophy to provide an outstanding child care program.

Value of Play

  • Large ClassroomsOur role as teachers is to produce a rich variety of play materials and adequate space so that children have opportunities for play which promotes growth in all areas.
  • We need to respect and value children’s play time as it is important for physical, intellectual, social and personality development.
  • The personalities of children develop through play, just as those of adult’s development through experiences of living.

The Arts and Craft Centre

  • Arts and CraftsChildren love to use creative materials, making masterpieces for parents and teachers to display.
  • Creative art is a chance for children to express themselves, experiment with ideas, refine motor skills and feel a sense of independence.
  • The art centre will have a variety of materials of different sizes, shapes, textures and colours for the children to use.
  • We must always remember, “It is the process, not the product that is important with children’s artwork.” For the young child, art serves as a means of communication.

Cognitive Learning Centre

  • Cognitive LearningThe activities in our cognitive centre focus on fine motor development.
  • This area is ideal for repeating activities which children need to do over and over again in order to successfully master new skills (i.e. puzzles, games, etc.)
  • Developing and refining the small muscles in the body, improving hand-eye coordination skills, making independent choices and enjoying conversation with peers and teachers are achieved through play activities in the center.

Sensory Table

  • SensingChildren learn about the world around them through their senses -- seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling.  They improve their tools for understanding the world as they improve their sensory perception.
  • The teachers use several mediums at this centre such as rice, sand, wood, chips, shredded paper, water, shaving cream, etc. to give the students a variety of materials to experience.
  • With teacher interaction, the child can incorporate math skills (i.e. measuring, sorting, counting and classifying) with scientific knowledge (i.e. floating and sinking) while expanding their vocabulary and socializing with their peers.

Gross Motor Centre - Gymnasium

  • GymnasiumGymnasium - opportunity for developing motor skills.
  • Acquiring skills and using body muscles are important for young children.
  • They gain confidence when they are able to control these muscles and can feel ‘in tune’ with their bodies.
  • During our outdoor play, students have an opportunity to use various types of equipment to enhance their gross motor skills.
  • Bikes of various sizes, wagons, scooters, ridem’ cars, trucks, hoola hoops, skipping ropes and various sports equipment are some of the choices made available to children.
  • The teachers will be sure that children have a range of activities to develop coordination of both large and small muscles.

There are separate daily schedules and programs for Toddler, Junior Pre-School and Pre-School children.  Activities within schedules change to offer variety and to meet the needs of that age group.

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Nutritious Balanced MealsWe offer a nutritious, well balanced lunch and 2 snacks daily as required by the Day Nurseries Act.

In addition to modern and complete kitchen facilities, Great Beginnings Child Care Centre also employs a great cook, who works diligently to provide delicious hot meals and nutritious snacks for the children in our care.

If your children have allergies or other food restrictions, please inform the centre Director so that accommodations can be made.

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