Stafford & Randa B-T

All of our 5 kids attended Great beginnings daycare spanning a period of 10 years. During this time, they received excellent care. They provided an environment that fostered my daughters’ learning and development in an exceptionally positive way. They prepared healthy meals and activities for my kids during their time at the daycare. The staff was very diligent and caring in the way they looked after the children. In addition, it was very important to me that my kids be cared for in a safe, Christ-filled and Christ-centered environment. This requirement was more than fulfilled by Great Beginnings daycare! My kids also loved going there, and often times would never want to leave when I came to pick them up in the afternoon. They learned valuable social skills and their kindergarten program prepared them academically so that it was an easy transition for them when they were ready to go to elementary school. Having our kids attend Great Beginnings was one of the best decisions we have ever made with regards to childcare. I highly recommend this daycare!!!